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Assalamualaikum! Hello, anyeong chingu. My name is nur azahani , just call me zani , hani & azahani. 14 this year. This blog welcomes people who are not rippers, haters and copycats. . Replace this nonsense intro (Y)

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np awk buad sy cm niy ?

holla..hry niy aku x taw np aku terlalu sdeyh..erm..mybe dye dh x de dlm hdop aku lgy kutt..awk..np awk wt sy cm neyh eak?sy x sanggup nk berpisah..apa salah sy?awk,sy x bolee hdup tanpa awk..relay kitew dh lama.tp awk x pertahankannya..tk pe lhaa awk.sy redha klaw ini yg awk nak...

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